For the last two weeks we’ve been watching the trip itinerary of Lech Kaczyński, the President of Poland.

For those uninformed it looks something like this:

The Government: “It’s not a holiday season, Mr. President”

President, stomping his foot: “I wanna go.” Boooo…

The president wants to go to an EU summit and have his say in our politics. The thing is that not everyone can have their say. Neither the president, nor you, nor I. There is the government, with the prime minister, chosen in democratic elections, and they are the only guys who have the right to say anything about how the country should be governed.

The president seems to think that the word “president” before his name implies that he’s some kind of George W. Bush. Well, no, not in Poland. The president of Poland is nothing like the American president. He can accept or reject the government’s propositions, but if he rejects them the Senate can outvote him. He can send our army to a war… And that’s pretty much all he can.

Otherwise he’s not like a president, he’s like the British Queen, and I don’t recall Elizabeth II go to EU summits and decide about the UK’s politics.

Unfortunately Mr. Kaczyński isn’t the only person oblivious as to his competencies. An average Pole has about the same picture of the presidency in Poland. They vote for people who have certain opinions about politics, while all they should do is to choose the best looking candidate. The president, like the English royalty, should be just for representing us at various functions, looking nice, smiling a lot (or as much as a Pole can), and chatting up other kings and queens about weather.

Who should be our president then?

The Pontiff seems an obvious choice. Unfortunately he’s dead, but then we might use one of the many monuments, and let his moral authority do the rest.

It was proven that Polish girls aren’t gorgeous, but surely we could find one. How about Ms. Szapołowska?

Grażyna Szapołowska

She’s not very clever, but that might be for the best. She can act though, and that’s even better!

We might also go sentimental and get ourselves a king. Following the May 3 Constitution here’s our guy:

Prince Alexander of Saxe-Gessaphe

Prince Alexander of Saxe-Gessaphe

See? He smiles!

OK, I know, he looks rather German, but then he is German, like the British royalty anyway. On the other hand he’s Catholic. Wait! A German Catholic? That’s like the pope! Which leads me to…

Since we’re such a Catholic country anyway, why not give the crown to Vatican?

Emblem of the Papacy

Emblem of the Papacy

There are very good points for:

  1. Our king would be above all other kings.
  2. He would have a cool triple crown.
  3. And a genuine power via God’s grace.
  4. He’d be the best of all Catholics!
  5. Father Rydzyk and alike would be successfully prevented from criticising the head of our state.
  6. Our king would care more about heavenly wisdoms than earthly goods.
  7. All popes would learn Polish.
  8. No newspaper would laugh at Polish kings without risking offending all of the Catholics in their country.
  9. Our country would be supported by over billion people all over the world.
  10. He’s already rich, so he’d cost us less than presidents. We’d save on bodyguards too. The Swiss take care about it.
  11. He’s already the head of Vatican, and you don’t hear that they’re going bankrupt any soon.
  12. The papal emblem would have the Polish eagle.
  13. Our kings wouldn’t be boring. I heard the next one will be black.

… 100. The pope already has a plane!

Are there any againsts? Nope. There’s no reason to suspect the king of Poland of any mischief, because traditionally our kings have nothing to say, and the popes, unlike the Kaczyński bros, are famous for their adherence to tradition.

We might also go the Polish route and choose a Czartoryski. That would be this one:

Prince Adam Karol Czartoryski

Prince Adam Karol Czartoryski

Guess where he lives! Yep, the Isles. He smiles the Polish way though, and he’s the Spanish king’s first cousin.

But then since we can give the crown to anyone, why not choose freely? How about…

King Abdullah

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Just think of the hectolitres of cheap fuel!


Like by Edward Stachura

October 4, 2008

Sometimes I happen to translate Polish poems. For various reasons, mostly to let others understand the words. I thought I might as well post them here.

Note: After I had translated them they’re not good poems anymore. The English version can be read only for their general meaning, but not the rhythm, rhymes, or word choice. Feel free to correct me if you have better ideas.

Like by Edward Stachura

Like white clouds gliding over woods across a night sky
Like a wind scuffled scarf on a wanderer’s neck
Like your starry arms stretched there above
And here ours are, and here ours are

Like a dry sob in this drizzly night
Like a guilty or not guilty remorse of your conscience
That you’re alive when so many had died

Like a dry sob in this drizzly night
Like when you lick precisely aimed wounds
Like when you glue your heart, shattered to dust

Like a dry sob in this drizzly night
A forty pound stone, a forty pound stone
I’ll stand on it, it’ll stand on me
It’ll stand on me, I’ll stand up from under it

Like a dry sob in this drizzly night
Like a golden sphere over waters
Like a dawn under your swollen eyelids
Like gentle beams, pretty clearings

Like sun’s breast
Like carrying your hump
Like to you, foggy sisters,
This howling singing

Like when you run till the very end, later you’ll rest, you’ll rest afterwards,
Wondrous wilderness, wondrous, wondrous wilderness


It’s a song too. Sung by Stare Dobre Małżeństwo (The Good Old Married Couple)

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