Not long ago I mentioned in a comment at Polandian (I spend there too much time, don’t I?) that I used to learn English from The Beatles’ songs, and just a few days ago a friend of mine dug out a link to Rocky Racoon. That’s actually one of those songs  that have more words than just ‘I love you’ over and over, and so from this one I learnt the word collapse.

Back at school the phrase Rocky collapsed in the corner seemed totally hilarious to us. There’s no particular reason, only that we found the sound of it truly very very funny. It was such a favourite of some of my friends’ that we began casually translating it as Rocky kolapsnął w kornerze,  which naturally was even funnier. Surprisingly the phrase was perfectly understandable even to those who never learnt English.

A cool animated video to the song:

BTW My dear American friend, who’d come to Poland and have my head if she knew that I’m blogging instead of writing with her, told me today that she noticed that I seem a bit more ESL (she’s a polite American, so read: a whole lot more) than I previously had become, and that I had better talk to her more and begin writing something again.  She added that I’m out of practice somewhat, and that not that that is a bad thing, but I am reverting! (Surely it’s not a bad thing, I hoped to be reverting.)

I just love that she thinks that Americans are very straighforward! I guess it’s where the difference between their straighforwardness and what some call the Polish rudeness is. Anyway, I strongly suspect that she is right, so I had better heed her advice.

Let it be my new year resolution!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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