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  1. clare said

    U R funny about Rocky Raccoon. Great song. Happy new year

  2. Sylwia said

    Thank you, and a Happy New Year to you!

  3. mochafueled said

    Hey you have not blogged in a couple of months… all good?

    I will be passing through Warsaw and of August so will make my own opinions of summer in Warsaw… should be fun.

    • Sylwia said

      I’m fine. Thanks for asking. I’ve been quite busy though.

      When in August are you coming? I hope the weather will be fine.

      • mochafueled said

        I arrive the 22nd and will be in C. Europe for 2 weeks. Trying to decide if will just be a Poland trip or hit Budapest and other sites. Any suggestions on cities to visit within a good train ride around Warsaw or Krakow?

        • Sylwia said

          Łódź is ca an hour and half from Warsaw by train, Toruń 2 hours and half, Malbork 5 hours and half, and Gdańsk 6 hours (it’s longer now because they renovate the rail tracks before Euro 2012). Zakopane is 3 hours and half from Kraków, but bus connection should be faster. Częstochowa is 2 hours from Kraków and 3 hours from Warsaw. Wieliczka is less than half an hour from Kraków, and Wrocław 4 hours.

          I’m sure there’s more, depending on what you like.

  4. Hi, I am a researcher and a game designer currently involved in an historical project on poland, I wonder if I could contact you privately about your blog.


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